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Welcome to RiftBreakers! We are looking to rebuild our guild after our transfer to Greybriar. The road has been a bit bumpy to say the least. We are looking for those who like to have fun while hanging out with and helping your fellow guildies. We would eventually like to progress into raiding, but are in no hurry. Getting to know each other and having fun are the top priorities! If this sounds like what you are looking for then just message any of our guild members in game for an invite!

Guild News
Happy One Year Anniversary Rift!
By LadyAmethyst, Mar 7, 12 11:35 AM

Looks like more great things to come in 2012. Keep up the good work Trion!

RiftBreakers has transferred to Greybriar!!
By LadyAmethyst, Jan 11, 12 7:33 PM

Due to Shadefallen being turned into a trial shard, the guild has transferred to Greybriar. When you log into the game make sure your mailbox is empty and take down any auctions you have, then you can transfer your character to Greybriar and be reunited with us... Read More

From the Embers Update 1.6 Coming Soon!
By LadyAmethyst, Nov 10, 11 2:09 PM

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